Areas of Practice


The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Walsh represent parties in a wide variety of cases involving divorce, paternity, custody and visitation. The attorneys are sensitive to the fact that litigation in family court often causes an emotional and stressful experience not only for a client, but likely for other members of the family as well. We strive to provide the appropriate style of representation suited to our clients’ particular needs. Whether the situation calls for an aggressive, litigation-oriented approach or for a more conciliatory approach, we have the resources and experience to provide each client with the services best suited to him or her.


If you have been injured in an automobile accident, at the workplace, or as the result of a defective product, the Law Office of Daniel Walsh will provide a free office consultation to discuss your case. Our firm takes on a limited number of personal injury cases to properly focus attention and resources to focus on our client’s best interests. We are not associated with any of the personal injury attorneys you may see on television. You will deal directly with the attorney who is representing you.


The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Walsh represent criminal defendants in Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Barnstable County, Worcester County and Bristol County. Our clients’ cases involve OUI and other motor vehicle crimes, crimes of violence, crimes arising from domestic disputes, and drug cases. The attorneys also represent clients in probation surrenders, parole hearings, and plea agreements. The attorneys are certified for the Committee for Public Counsel Service, which provides reduced-cost legal assistance to indigent defendants in Plymouth District Court. Each attorney is associated with professionals to assist with investigations, fingerprint and drug analysis.


The Law Office of Daniel Walsh represent individuals and businesses in a wide range of civil matters. The attorneys are willing and prepared to negotiate a fair settlement, but ready to litigate a case if necessary.


We provide complementary notary service for the community during normal business hours.